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iPhone Repair of Nebraska can fix your iPhone, iPod and iPad Fast!

                                                                       Repairs are done by appointment Mon-Fri 
                                                                                      30 minutes or less for all iPhone Repairs
                                                                                     Lifetime Function Warranty on all Repairs
                                                                              Walk-ins welcome Saturday and Sunday between 10-3

iDevice Repair Service & Micro Soldering - Logic Board Repairs
iPhone Repair of Nebraska

We provide expert advice and specialize in repairing, restoring and rebuilding Apple products. 
Onsite repair is also available upon request. Stop by and check out our selection of pre-owned and/or refurbished Apple products we have for sale. If we don't have what your looking for no problem we can order anything Apple and have it here ready to go within a couple days. All Apple products we sale come with a 6 month warranty.

Free Diagnostic - Free Expert Advice - Free Assistance w/Apple Software

No Fix, No Fee Logic Board Repairs - We offer several solutions to keep your iPhone working, so before you by a new iPhone ($800-$1,200) please contact us to diagnose your issue. We replace connectors, fix touch issues, solve charging issues, boot issues and more. To learn more about repairing instead of replacing and to check out our Micro-soldering prices click on the Logic Board Repair link above.


Apple Repair Experts: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Beats, Mac and iMac 

We Buy, Sell and Trade Apple Products

                                                    Our Repair Process

We understand the need to quickly and efficiently fix your device(s) and we have made our repair process as easy as possible. Simply stop by our store and speak with one of our technicians about the issue(s) you are having with your device.

The technician will then diagnose the issues to find what repair will be most suitable. We will then provide you with a quote and estimate for repair time. Once accepted you will fill out the paperwork and the repair process will begin right in front of you.

Once the repair is completed the technician will go over the functions of the device to ensure that everything was fully repaired. Additionally we will discuss with you our warranty policy and also assist the customer with any other questions and/or concerns.

                          Authorized Reseller of
  • Cases
  • Charging & Cables
  • Liquid Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Scratch Remover
  • Power Banks
  • Mounts
  • Wireless Charger
  • Screen Clean



Why Buy Select

Our SELECT screens deliver a best-in-classcolor response that ensures darker and lightercolor tones remain visible and defined for second to none image quality. This ensures that all of the photos and filters that you apply to them are accurate and vivid for everyone to see.

Our SELECT brightness creates an experience similar to the quality of your original screen, ensuring you are viewing every image, game, or video the way it was intended to be viewed.
Having a fast refresh rate means your social media apps, games, and videos are going to load the way they should, meaning they look crisp and responsive without the sacrifices that other screen assembles.





We specialize in repairing, restoring and rebuilding Apple products only. Our staff uses Apple products exclusively as their own personal devices. We know them best!

We invest money back into our company by buying the latest repair tools and machines. Example: We recently purchased the gTool. This straightening tool allows us to reshape the corners of an iPhone or iPad back to original form so a new replacement screen fits the same as it did when it was new. We also have this same technology for the sides of the chassis. This benefits our customers from having to buy a new rear chassis or maybe even a new device.

We offer a No Fix No Fee Policy.            
  • Free pickup and delivery as well as on site mobile repair service at your home or business.
  • Family owned and operated, friendly service and we treat all customers like their family.
  • Certified iDevice Technician
  • Certified Cellular Technician
  • Do you like static shock? Neither does your device that's why we always wear an Anti-Static wrist strap for every repair we perform!

We don't reuse parts from broken iDevices to save money. 
We don't do glass only repairs on used or slightly damaged LCD's like other repair shops in Nebraska do. (A Cheaper repair is not a better repair).

  • Expertise on trouble shooting and knowledge on iOS.
  • We do more than just screen/LCD replacements, we also can repair/replace pretty much all of the components inside your device even if it requires micro soldering.





If you need a repair, please call or text us at 402.200.9286 for assistance.
Open: Monday - Friday By Appointment 
Open: Saturday - Sunday 10-3
Please call for after hours repair!


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