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iPhone Repair of Omaha Nebraska is the only company in Omaha who sterilizes every customers phone after repair.

Professional Grade Phone Disinfector

We at iPhone Repair of Nebraska/ iDevice Repair Service & Sales care about our customers therefore we have made an investment to ensure our customers who come in to have their phone repaired for any reason get a completely cleaned sterile phone when they leave. Even non repair customers can take advantage of this machine and have their phone sterilized for only $10 per visit. (5 minute process)

Why did we make this investment?

Did you know  A recent study found the average smartphone carries 18-times more germs and bacteria than a toilet handle. YUCK! The easiest solution for fighting germs on smartphones is the Phone Disinfector. This innovative new product utilizes UV light to sterilize smartphones. This compact and lightweight disinfection device has proven effective for eliminating 99.9% of the most common infectious diseases and harmful microorganisms including E-Coli, Salmonella, SARS, and Avian Bird Flu. Simply place the smartphone in the Phone Disinfector and set the timer: choose between durations of 5, 10, or 15 minutes. In as little as 5 minutes your smartphone will glow with an 80% reduction in the amount of surface bacteria without the use of harsh chemical solutions.

Bring in your smartphone, MP3 player, remote control, watches, rings or small baby items for a complete sanitation! it only takes 10 minutes and costs $10 per item and $5 for each additional item.

To schedule an appointment please click the Genbook image below...we look forward to seeing you!

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